Sunday, June 6, 2010

Obama's Success Story

You might think from much of the media lately that President Obama hasn't been accomplishing much. Yes, health care took a long time but no one until now got very far and whatever its shortcomings, he got it done. It looks likely that financial reform will get through, too, thanks much to Goldman Sachs and their unabashed defense of giving advice out of two sides of their mouths. Two good Supreme Court justices--I assume Kagan will make it past the gauntlet of nonsense issues--will be on the bench this fall, making it looking good for when he gets to replace one of the stinkers. And in a hundred agencies that never get reported on, people are trying to undo the corporate welfare showered on the supposedly regulated industries by Bush's corporate agents.

But when you listen to tv or read the papers, even the Times and the Post, you'd think the man is mired in endless problems. Well, yes, there are incredible challenges. How would you like to balance retaining an important ally such as Turkey when Israel needlessly riles the whole world and we have some closed-minded types (I'm holding back, believe me) here siding with Netanyahu over the U.S. And then there's the Gulf, Mexico this time, not Persian. So-called pundits want us to keep relying on lying BP--despite total lack of evidence to support any basis for trusting corporations more than our government. Alas, the not-yet-reformed regulatory agency was still in the hands of corpsymps--and technically, tell me what else the government could have done when corporations enter an untreaded area without adequate backup plans.

So I for one am tired of hearing about economic royalists (remember FDR's great phrase), Tea Party yoyos, phoney populists, and all kinds of reactionaries being treated respectfully by the media that gives the President all this heat. This is the result of media concentration--the reactionaries yell about media being liberal but Rupert Murdoch owns a whole lot of it and he just peddles this nonsense.

We had eight years of non-regulation, corporate giveaways, trickle-down economics, and the world turned against us--ending in the biggest crash since the 1930s. One might think that people would think about where their best interests lie--not with the corporations who would happily ship your job away. I've enjoyed seeing the responses to this put out by the Coffee Party. Check it out on your nearest social media outlet.

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