Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Real Conspiracy

Today's N.Y. Times Magazine should have ripped the scales from anyone's eyes as to who the bad guys are and how they are trying to effect total corporate takeover in the U.S. through heavy lobbying and heavy lifting with Republicans everywhere. The story showed how the big corporate money is flowing into the Wisconsin recall race at a 25-1 ratio to what the Democratic candidate is able to raise. 

Norman Ornstein and Thomas Mann put out a book recently upending the media's even-handed approach to blaming both parties for Washington gridlock. Not only is it the economy, stupid, but it's the Republicans, intent on obtaining through stealth in every state legislature weakening of regulation and promotion of giveaways to corporations.

The Democrats are handicapped, of course, by their dependence in recent years on Wall Street, which now acts like an abandoned bride despite having avoided any and all sanctions for causing the economic disaster and continuing--see the Facebook IPO debacle--to play its favorite game of trading on inside information and violating what once was and always should be derided as "the morals of the marketplace" as in, there aren't any.

Many may be disappointed by Obama, who is certainly no leftist. I despair at his refusal--he clearly possesses the oratorical skills but chooses not to use them--to lay out for the American people what he stands for and what he's done. Had he done this, probably against the advice of his advisers, people would see what they will be getting--a lot--in the Affordable Care Act. Instead we hear the malevolent voices of the right declaim against Obamacare. 

The ridiculous campaign of Ralph Nader--all he did was defeat the Democrats and give us Bush Jr.--should make us realize that yes, we have no choice but to support Obama and support him with fervor. All of the corporate heavies are in for Romney big-time and have opened their endless spigots of cash. We are reaping the whirlwind of those who couldn't be bothered to support the unions. Now we're up against the real bad guys--all closely resembling Edward Arnold in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

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