Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Yes, We Won!!

Even though he kept a recession from becoming a depression, saved the auto companies (from themselves), at least began to try to rein in the Wall St. crowd that caused it all, and yes, got as good a health care law through that he could, Obama had to take on a guy who would say anything and change every position to win and then withstand ridiculous charges of being a Muslim or a Kenyan. Because he wasn’t totally captured by big-money funders, he was also mislabelled as a socialist.  Not only that, but although he did more for Israel than any other president but wouldn’t make nice with the corrupt and reactionary Bibi, some noisy fanatics went after him on that – heck, I wish Obama had really blasted the settlers.  Elizabeth Warren totally understands how our economic system works and how it needs to be reformed—as well as being the nation’s foremost expert on bankruptcy; wonderful that the voters realized she was hired because of that, not for her vague Native American background that most of Oklahoma shares.  We could almost call last night a real victory!

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